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We are Zanda and Lindi, your qualified support team and sleep consultants at Brave Little Baby

“My baby is waking at 1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM.. sometimes I cannot count how many times!”

“After walking up and down for ages as soon as I put my sleeping baby down he wakes up!”

“My baby only sleeps for 30 min and I can see she is still tired”

Does this sound familiar? Are you at your wits-end and something needs to change? We are here to support you in a professional and gentle manner using well-researched and science-based methods to reach your unique sleep goals.

Our belief is that parenthood does not need to be harder than it is. Sometimes one just needs a word of encouragement, a well thought out plan, and someone to cheer you on. 

A few hard nights outweighs the benefits of lifelong healthy sleep.

Brave Little Baby is a firm advocate of respectful parenting, considering a child’s emotional needs, attachment, bonding and feeding whilst sleep training.

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10 tips to create a soothing environment to help your baby sleep better!

Why should you trust us with your most valuable possession? We are passionate about helping families create healthy sleep habits. We have seen most situations when it comes to bad sleepers, frequent night wakings, short naps, (VERY) early morning waking and sleep associations. Sleep is crucial for optimal growth and emotional wellbeing for you and your baby and that is why we have such an interest in finding a unique plan for your family because every mom and child is different.

The dreaded 9 month sleep “progression”

Your baby has been sleeping like a little angel, but suddenly he wakes every 2-3 hours? Yes there are some major changes around 9 months!

Create a safe sleeping zone

To reduce and try to prevent SUID’s and SIDS it is very important to implement safe sleeping practices from birth.

Do growth spurts really affect sleep?

Days of rapid growth and development are sometimes accompanied by fussiness and disruptions in sleeping and eating routines.

Introducing a dummy

Struggling to get your newborn to take a dummy!? A dummy can be a really amazing sleep soother, so try these tips when introducing a dummy.

Is my Toddler ready for a big bed?

Time it just right and this transition will be a breeze! Here are some signs to look out for and some tips and tricks when transitioning .

Little weasel white noise machine

The best white noise machine

White noise can do wonders to soothe a fussy baby and help during sleep training, but is there really a difference between white noise sounds? 

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