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Is sleep training only Cry-it-out?

One of the myths we keep on busting is that sleep training is not only Cry It out (CIO)!

Can 👋 we👋 get👋 a👋 high 👋five for that?

So do you know what sleep training really is?

It is:
☀️ Making sure the sleep environment is safe and sleep inducing. Their tummies and love cups are full!
☀️ Changing habits – there are NO BAD HABITS, only habits not working for you anymore
☀️ There is no one size fits all solution, that’s why there are SO MANY DIFFERENT ways of sleep training! Every child is different! We look at it holistically, with a variety of solutions and methods to use.
☀️ You can sleep train without even knowing it. When you work on improving your sleep situation – you are sleep training.
☀️ It’s finding a solution to sleep deprivation and over-tiredness.
☀️ It might only be a change in routine, or helping you with naps. Sometimes you might be stuck with early morning wakings.
☀️ All changes cause some form of discomfort, and that is where the crying comes in. So during sleep training you will get confronted with some of it. BUT – YOU are there for loving support and response, to be their positive buffer. To help them and guide them through this change. To be their co-regulator.

So what is Cry-it-out then?

  1. All of the above.
  2. But it’s just ONE of the METHODS used for improving sleep.
  3. How it works: You prepare, and make sure everything is in place. After your bedtime routine, baby goes down and you say I love you, give some last cuddles and step out of the room. You return once baby is asleep. Still checking in to see if they are ok.
  4. Let’s NOT SHAME any moms who did this and for who it worked. Maybe it was the perfect fit for their child’s temperament and situation.

The latest research has been on Sleep training’s side, showing us that there are NO HARM in sleep training. WHICHEVER way you’re doing it. There is much more harm in being sleep deprived, stressed out, postpartum depression and not being able to respond to your child in the way necessary because you are not sleeping!

So even when you are getting “Sleep without Sleep Training” IT’S👏STILL👏SLEEP👏TRAINING in the end. Allowing baby to fuss, holding the space for emotion, changing a sleep association by loving boundaries and allowing your baby to cry in your arms through the process, waiting a few minutes until responding, supporting crib side, dream feeding to help extend night wakes, the list goes on, its ALL sleep training.

For the LOVE of sleep
Are you ready for some change? Let’s do this together!

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