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Bed wetting in older kids

Has bed wetting been causing some sleep struggles for your older child?

You might be wondering when you should be concerned about the bed wetting…

Let’s start off with two facts:

ONE – Bed wetting is seen as a NORMAL part of kids development as they learn how to control their bladder and urge to urinate

TWO – It’s considered NORMAL to still sleep in nappies till age 7.

So why does it happen?

There are various reasons why kids wet the bed, but the one we most often see is that parents are trying to get out of the nappies too soon, and their little bodies are just not ready yet. Other reasons might be:

➖Due to constipation 
➖Emotional situations or anxious moments during the day
➖Sleeping to deep and not waking for a wee

How should I handle it?

The best way would be just to handle it as calmly as possible, make sure your child knows its OK, and change the sheets.

A TOP TIP: Cover the bed in a waterproof cover, sheet, waterproof cover and another sheet. Then when they wet the bed, just remove the first two layers and bobs your uncle!

Now it’s easier for everyone to go back to sleep when bed wetting happens!

When should I worry?

It’s only really seen as an issue when kids above 7 are still wetting their beds.

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