Brave Little baby was created out of a passion for healthy sleep and shared interests in assisting mothers with all of the little hiccups along the long and winding road of parenting.

Zanda started dreaming of having a place where new or second or even third time moms –(because every baby is different) could go to find help with sleeping, eating and toddler behavior. Zanda then started assisting Lindi with her second baby to help establish good and healthy sleep habits from newborn stage, and Lindi joined in the dream.


Lindi and Zanda are cousins and the closest of friends. Their bond grew strong over the years and they have stood by each other through many of life’s struggles and experiences. Especially motherhood. What a privilege it is having your family, friend and one of your most favourite people as a business partner.

Zanda has three busy and healthy little boys, Willem (8 years), Leon (6 years) and Andreas (1 year) and Lindi has an adventurous yet sensitive boy Luan (3 years) and a cuddly and determined little girl Mila of 9 months. So between the two, have seen quite a few cases of childhood challenges an pleasures!