4-24 Months

Is this package for you?
  • You want to remove all anxiety from bedtime and enjoy the special time with your child
  • You want healthy and good sleep for your child and your family
  • You want your child to sleep throughout the night consistently and not have broken sleep
  • You want a solid routine with good naps during the day
  • You want a plan with clear directions on how you can achieve this
  • You want tools to help you navigate sleep bumps in the future
  • You want to be able to have a date night now and again…


R 1 200
  • Intake Form
  • 60 Min Consultation
  • Mini Sleep Plan Document
  • 2 x 15 min calls


R 2 500
  • Intake Form
  • 60 Min Consultation
  • Full Sleep Plan Document
  • 3 Week Support via sleep logs
  • 3 x 15 min calls
  • 30 min Phone call for whenever
  • Text + Voicenote support

We were struggling so badly with our daughter’s sleep until we came across Brave Little Baby. They made us feel relaxed and took the time to understand our situation and help us do things in a way we were comfortable with. We cannot believe the amazing improvement in our daughter’s sleep. 

I honestly never thought our daughter would sleep this well and we were able to do it in a gentle way, always guided in a kind and patient manner.

- Claudia -


Intake Form: We will begin with an assessment of your baby’s current sleep habits. This will be completed prior to our consultation which will help us to make the most of our time together ensuring that we get all of your questions and concerns addressed.

60 min Consultation: We will discuss the sleep needs of babies, how to establish a schedule, and strategies to support your child’s internal clock. We will also give you tips on how to help your child establish healthy sleep habits for life.

Mini Sleep Plan Document: A shortened version of our full sleep plan where we document the plan with clear guided steps.

Full Sleep Plan Document: A personalised document will be shared with you where we jot down clear steps that you should take when implementing the sleep plan

Support via sleep logs: We will use a shared sleep log so we can see trends in sleep patterns and accurately troubleshoot.

If you would like any of the additional features the higher package includes after you have purchased a package, you are welcome to upgrade at any time by paying the price difference between the two packages. Please send us an email to info@bravelittlebaby.com so that we can send you an invoice for the difference.

We unfortunately cannot allow this at the moment.

YES! All three packages covers nap time struggles, bedtime, night wakings as well as early mornings. Sleep should be looked at as a whole!

We have helped many moms who are breastfeeding to have a good night’s rest! In actual fact after doing our program many babies become more efficient feeders and they are happier eaters.

When we sleep train multiples, we always do the Ultimate plan. This gives us more time to focus on getting your routine figured out.

Use your baby’s due date when determining which age range is right for your little one