4-24 Months

Improving healthy sleep habits gently and slowly

Whether your baby was an excellent sleeper as a newborn or struggled from the start, as they grow their sleep patterns change and become more complex. Older babies are developmentally more mature and better able to transition themselves from awake to asleep without depending on you for help. This includes the frequent nighttime wakings. Like all other life-skills, healthy sleep skills can be taught but we can slowly introduce good sleep over time too. If you’re experiencing new difficulties with sleep or are at your wits-end and exhausted, we would love to help.

This option is for families with babies 4-24 months. Moms need to be able to commit to a 4-6 week plan which will take lots of patience and time for it to work. We will introduce very gentle almost no-cry solutions to help your little one sleep better.


Initial Sleep Assessment: We will begin with an assessment of your baby’s current sleep habits. This will be completed prior to our consultation which will help us to make the most of our time together ensuring that I get all of your questions and concerns addressed.


Private 90-Minute Consultation: We will discuss the sleep needs of babies, how to establish a schedule, and strategies to support your baby’s internal clock. I will also give you tips on how to help your baby establish healthy sleep habits for life.


Fully Customised Sleep Plan: We address your child’s specific struggles and include clear, easy-to-follow steps to ensure your child is learning healthy sleep habits in time.


Nursery Assessment: We will assess the room for light, sound, temperature, room set-up, crib placement, and discuss recommendations to optimize the sleeping environment.


Follow Up Support: once a week for a month to ensure things are going smoothly. This can include four 15 min Follow-Up Calls or via email to discuss how things are going, address any setbacks, and further refine the plan to fit your child’s responses and your lifestyle.


Brave Little Baby Sleep Tool Kit: Packed full of information to help you deal with common sleep roadblocks including growth spurts, developmental milestones, illness, travel, teething, regressions, nap transitions, and more. Referencing these materials will ensure that you stay successful (and rested!) after our time together is done.


Need support with more than one child? Inquire about our multi-child discount.