meet lindi…

I’m a mom of 2 beautiful happy kiddies, a boy(3) and a girl(1), and together with my husband, we live in what I believe one of the most beautiful places in South Africa – just outside Stellenbosch.

I have always been very passionate about healthy sleep habits and read up all about it before my son was born, alas it didn’t prevent bad habits from forming.  As a new mom, I tried just about anything to calm my crying baby, walking up and down the hallway just to get him to nap! My son was born 3 weeks prematurely and looking back I could have picked up some signs indicating that he is a bit more sensitive than the average child. So when my daughter was born Zanda was already busy with her course and I had the inside tips and tricks to teach her healthy habits from day 1, and the support from a sleep consultant to guide me through the process. This is such a key part of what we do, offering ongoing support and helping moms navigate through all the phases with more confidence and knowledge.

I am forever grateful for implementing healthy sleep habits. Although her sleep regressions were tough, having all the info at hand (I was also busy with my course) definitely helped to prevent sleep associations from forming and getting back to sleeping like a dream in only a few nights. Don’t get me wrong we also have tough nights, but that’s life! Children get sick, life changes happen, we also go on holiday! But getting back into routine and sleep patterns are so much easier!

When I’m not helping little ones sleep, or running after my own two kids, I run my own creative studio called Seven Blooms where I enjoy my other passion web and graphic design! Often when I tell people I’m a qualified Industrial Engineer I get very confused looks as to how it all works together! But through grace and lots of prayers, I’m able to finally do what I’m passionate about and to spend more time with my own kids.

Brave Little Baby is a passion project for both Zanda and me and we really are here to serve moms and create a motherhood support village where you are never alone!