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Take away the anxiety and genuinely love the newborn phase


Pregnant – 4 Months

Our simple truth about newborns

We’d love to assist you in finding a rhythm with your newborn baby. To help you develop healthy sleeping habits from the early stages and teaching you how to cope with fussy periods.

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Brave Little Baby

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What topics we cover

Learn about sleep

  • Normal infant sleep patterns
  • Sleep Cycles
  • Sleep Associations
  • Growth Spurts
  • Infant development

Knowing what to expect = less anxiety


  • Create a calming space
  • Safe sleep
  • White noise
  • Dark & Light
  • Dressing appropriately for sleep

Calm environment = easier for baby to sleep

Calm your baby

  • 5S’s method – the calm cure
  • Sleepy Cues
  • Hunger Cues
  • Awake windows
  • Swaddling techniques

Calm and content baby = ready to sleep when time

Sleep tools

  • Awake windows
  • EASY routine
  • Gentle settling methods
  • Work towards settling in cot
  • The akward 3-4 months

Step by step plan = consistency & peace of mind



  • Nap Niggles
  • Day & night confusion
  • Dummy issues
  • Dream feed
  • Starting daycare
  • How to handle sickness

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"The sleep guide"

Online Newborn Sleep Course - Brave Little Baby

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what clients are saying…

What a fantastic course! I would highly recommend it – it’s so informative, the videos are short so you don’t need hours to complete it (who has the time with a newborn?!), and it is so easy to implement. I only started this course when my daughter was 11 weeks and to be honest, I wasn’t convinced it would work…but I was so wrong! I wish I knew about it sooner as it would have saved me so much stress and tears. My husband and I did the course together so we are consistent with how we put our daughter to sleep and we no longer dread putting her to sleep because we have all the tools we need to do so effectively. Besides the actual course being fantastic, Lindi and Zanda are amazing and so supportive. If you’re thinking about purchasing this course to help you deal with newborn sleep, let me save you some time – do it!
Online Newborn Sleep Course - Brave Little Baby
What a wonderful and comprehensive course. Zanda and Lindi are so passionate and knowledgeable. With so much contradictory information from family, friends and of course dr. Google, sleep can be a confusing and scary subject for new parents. Inside this Newborn Sleep Course you won’t be told to let baby cry for extended periods of time. Newborns are very needy! Instead of sleep training from birth, they help your baby start to shape how they understand sleep. Working on appropriate awake times, starting nap and bedtime routines and gaining the confidence on how to help baby fall asleep. I believe the whole family will gain from this course and will forever be grateful for having someone to teach them the skills you need to make sleep a positive and enjoyable activity in your home! I think this is really empowering for me parents. As a midwife and baby clinic sister, I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has a child.
Brave Little Baby


What can I expect



No! Newborns are not neurologically ready yet to be able to self-settle. In this course we are working on creating healthy sleep habits that will benefit them forever. We will be teaching you how to gently transition from motion to motion-less sleep. There are no periods of leaving them to cry.

Yes! This is an amazing way to start preparing for your baby’s arrival.

There is a bonus section focusing on the akward 3-4 months period so this is most definitely applicable at 3 months old! The method we teach can still be applied up until 5/6 months too!

Yes! We have an amazing facebook support group where you can ask any questions and we’ll answer them there.

We also have support options as an add on if you need 1:1 help.

Both! All babies are welcome! Whenever you feel you need support with breastfeeding, please do make sure to check in with a lactation consultant.

You have lifetime access to all of the information!

We have a section in the course that covers how we approach premature babies. We always look at corrected age and not actual age.

We have a dedicated section on how you would find your rhythm and approach the methods with twins!

If your baby is in pain or suffering from reflux or colic the methods we teach will not work. You need to sort out the root cause of the pain first and then work on improving sleep.

We have an amazing Reflux and Colic course created by Chiropractors that will help you identify and deal with some symptoms.

Yes! All babies go through this regression, however we fully believe if you implement the methods and steps in our course this regression will be easier to navigate through and short lived!

Read more about this regression on our blog.

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we’re your qualified sleep coaches,

Lindi & Zanda

And we (and our kids) freaking love sleep, so we want it for YOU as well!

We’ve all felt completely overwhelmed and anxious as a result of short naps, bedtime battles, late nights, early mornings, multiple night wakings, and returning to work. We felt as if we had nothing left to give.

That’s when our dream for Brave Little Baby came true; in between raising our own kids, countless cups of tea (Zanda), and litres of sparkling water (Lindi), we created it as a safe space for moms to find the sleep assistance they need.

We promise to always take into account your individual situation, your child’s temperament, your parenting style, and preferences, and to use this info to empower you to help your child thrive!

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