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1:1 Sleep consults

Help your child sleep independently with our support and a plan

4 Months to 4 Years
- Online Support -

One on One Sleep Consults

Help your child sleep independently with our support and a plan

4 Months to 4 Years | Online Support

Tired of bedtime battles?
Naps driving you up the wall?
Need someone to help you figure this out?

we’re moms just like you

Our sleep training philosophy

We are proud of the fact that Brave Little Baby is known for taking a softer, more gentle-hearted approach and supporting a nurturing philosophy.

Working closely with parents to find the perfect balance that fits their family dynamics and following tried-and-tested methods to develop healthy sleep habits.

After all, every parent and child deserves the gift of sleep.


the available options

Coaching Packages


Do-it-yourself online
R 1750
  • Fully online (DIY)
  • BONUS 4-36M Routines Bundle
  • BONUS 30 min Consultation
  • (Add-on) 2 week logs support R750


2 week support package
R 2500
  • Intake Form
  • 60 Min Online Consultation
  • 2 x 15 min Catchup calls
  • 1 x 15 min Wrap up call
  • 2 Week Support via sleep logs
  • Support forum access
  • BONUS 4-36M Routines Bundle


3 week support package
R 3000
  • Intake Form
  • 60 Min Online Consultation
  • 3 x 15 min Catchup calls
  • 1 x 15 min call for whenever
  • 3 Week Support via sleep logs
  • Support forum access
  • Text + Voicenote support
  • BONUS 4-36M Routines Bundle

Preferred & Ultimate Packages includes:

Join 1000’s of families who love Brave Little Baby
and have seen the life changing results

How it works:

Buy the package that suits your needs
Register and access your course material
Book a 60 min call with a consultant

Implement the plan consistently for 2-3 weeks to see results.

Package FAQ:

YES! All three packages covers nap time struggles, bedtime, night wakings as well as early mornings. Sleep should be looked at as a whole!

Intake Form:This will serve as an assessment of your baby’s current sleep situation before we meet.

60-90 min Consultation: We’ll review your sleep situation, determine a plan, and address aspects like temperament, sleep environment, nutrition, and other concerns over the 2-3 weeks of working together.

Support via sleep logs: We will use a shared sleep log so we can see trends in sleep patterns and accurately troubleshoot. (Via Google docs)

If you would like any of the additional features the higher package includes after you have purchased a package, you are welcome to upgrade at any time by paying the price difference between the two packages. Please send us an email to info@bravelittlebaby.com so that we can send you an invoice for the difference.

We unfortunately cannot allow this at the moment.

Use your baby’s due date when determining which age range is right for your little one

Discover the magic of sleep

This is what your life can look like…

this could be you


"Brave little baby understands that each baby's and mom's ways are unique and different and they incorporate that into their approach with regards to sleep training."
"We decided to try sleep training for our own sanity. And it's the best decision we ever made!"
"I now have the knowledge and tools to help my baby be a good sleeper."

Is the lack of sleep working on your last nerve? Get the sleep support you deserve!!

Ready? Let’s do this together!


we’re your qualified sleep coaches,

Carla, Zanda & Lindi

We respectfully help you find your sleep solution because we understand different parenting styles and children’s temperaments.

Trust your intuition, build a connection with your child, and guide you through the process.

We will give you the care and support you need from our dedicated team, which is led by founders Zanda and Lindi and clinic sister and lactation consultant Carla Brecher. As moms, we know how hard sleep deprivation is. 

Sleep training not your thing?

The Gentle Sleep way is what you need!

Assist your child to sleep independently at your own pace, in a gentle and responsive way.

* 4 – 18 Months

* Self Paced Online Course

* No Cry-it-out, Ferber or timed intervals

The Gentle Sleep Way™ is a solution that will take you from sleep deprivation to more rested and able to cope in a way that is comfortable for you.

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