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Online Newborn Sleep Course

A gentle and effective step by step plan to help everyone sleep.

You've been struggling for hours...
Tried everything, but baby won't stop fussing and fighting sleep.

No one can prepare you for all the challenges you will possibly face. Giving birth, breastfeeding and getting to know your newborn baby is all new if you’re a first time mom, never mind the lack of sleep!

This course will show you:

  • How to calm your baby down to the point where they fall asleep easily and comfortably.
  • There will be no confusion or anxiety, just a step-by-step plan that will make you feel confident.
  • Making sleep something good and enjoyable.
Absolutely no leaving your baby to cry!
Gentle and supportive methods.

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Being sleep deprived and exhausted is not only bad for your baby, but your mental health also suffers...

Did you know that 75% of growth takes place when a baby sleeps? During this time, the brain processes everything that took place while awake. When a baby doesn’t sleep, they are fussy, irritable and may even lead to a colicy baby leaving you exhausted.  You might start becoming overwhelmed, anxious, hopeless and even depressed.

Everything you need to know about settling your newborn to sleep is right here in this course


Online Newborn Sleep Course

Our simple truth about newborn sleep

What's inside?

Module 1

Learn about sleep and what's normal

Module 2

Sleep Environment

Module 3

Calming your baby

Module 4

Sleep toolkit

Online Newborn Sleep Course - Brave Little Baby


A calm, happy and content baby is just a click away

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You want testimonials?

The proof is in what our rested moms say...

I just want to say that the Newborn Sleep Course was probably the BEST gift I received at my baby shower last year. My son is now 4 months old and starting the dreaded sleep regression, but with everything I have learned, I don’t feel as hopeless as I thought I would. It helps you add a little bit of structure to life with a new baby and it WORKS!

– Eugenie

Like any new mom, sleep became a distant memory. The newborn course helped me develop good sleeping habits and a solid yet flexible routine that works for us. Would highly recommend to anyone struggling with sleep. Also, Zanda and Lindi are extremely helpful in answering all questions and the guidance they give is unique to your situation.

– Rachel

Online Newborn Sleep Course - Brave Little Baby

Thank goodness that I stumbled across Brave Little Baby a few months before my baby was born. Lindi and Zanda give such great advise on how to get your baby to sleep well. With so much noise out there on the internet and other mothers, it helps to get professional knowledgeable advise instead. About to start my next course with them. Highly recommended.

– Emma

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Newborns are not neurologically ready yet to be able to self-settle. In this course we are working on creating healthy sleep habits that will benefit them forever. We will be teaching you how to gently transition from motion to motion-less sleep. There are no periods of leaving them to cry.

Yes! This is an amazing way to start preparing for your baby’s arrival.

There is a bonus section focusing on the akward 3-4 months period so this is most definitely applicable at 3 months old! The method we teach can still be applied up until 5/6 months too!

Yes! We have an amazing facebook support group where you can ask any questions and we’ll answer them there.

We also have support options as an add on if you need 1:1 help.

Both! All babies are welcome! Whenever you feel you need support with breastfeeding, please do make sure to check in with a lactation consultant.

You have lifetime access to all of the information!

We have a section in the course that covers how we approach premature babies. We always look at corrected age and not actual age.

We have a dedicated section on how you would find your rhythm and approach the methods with twins!

If your baby is in pain or suffering from reflux or colic the methods we teach will not work. You need to sort out the root cause of the pain first and then work on improving sleep.

We have an amazing Reflux and Colic course created by Chiropractors that will help you identify and deal with some symptoms.

Yes! All babies go through this regression, however we fully believe if you implement the methods and steps in our course this regression will be easier to navigate through and short lived!

Read more about this regression on our blog.

BLB Sleep Support

Hi, We're Lindi & Zanda

Qualified and Experienced Sleep Consultants

And we (and our kids) freaking love sleep, so we want it for YOU as well!

We’ve all felt completely overwhelmed and anxious as a result of short naps, bedtime battles, late nights, early mornings, multiple night wakings, and returning to work. We felt as if we had nothing left to give.

We then created Brave Little Baby as a safe space for moms to find the sleep assistance they need.

We promise to always take into account your individual situation, your child’s temperament, your parenting style, and preferences, and to use this info to empower you to help your child thrive!

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