All ages

If your child already sleeps well but you just have general questions or if you only need support in one area of sleep: early-morning wake-ups, nap transitions, sleep regressions, nightmares, moving to a big-kid-bed, or other life changes, this mini package is for you.

This is an opportunity for parents to ask questions about sleep challenges so that they can better understand why sleep problems are occurring and how to help encourage healthy sleep habits.


Sleep Intake Form Analysis of our intake form to create the ideal verbal sleep plan.


45-Minute Phone Consultation We will discuss your questions and/or the issue you are dealing with.


Customised Unique Age Appropriate Routine and sleep coaching method for moving forward.

Please Note: Mini-Consultations do not include: Sleep logs to assess sleep habits and follow-up support information on future sleep challenges or transitions.

For issues where we need to log sleep for 3 days to support you better we will advise otherwise.

If you decide it would be helpful to dig a little deeper, you may apply the cost of this package to your package of choice.