2-5 Years

Toddlerhood is adventurous...

 … and frustrating (for both parent and child). Toddler sleep issues can be much harder than those of an infant. Toddlers are developing their independence and sense of self which can lead to boundary-pushing and bedtime struggles. With all the changes that accompany these stages of life, it is normal for sleep challenges to arise. Whether it is the transition from crib to toddler-bed, giving up naps, or dealing with night terrors, we can guide you through these changes and help everyone get a good-night sleep!

If you are looking for a plan and are committed to sticking to it, we’re ready to empower you to reach your sleep goals.


Initial Sleep Assessment We will begin with an assessment of your child’s current sleep habits. This will be completed prior to our consultation which will help us to make the most of our time together ensuring that we get all of your questions and concerns addressed.


Private 90-Minute Consultation We will discuss the sleep needs of children, how to establish a routine, and strategies to support your child’s internal clock. We will also give you tips on how to keep on track through developmental changes like transitioning to a crib, and potty training.


Fully Customised Sleep Plan We address your child’s specific struggles and include clear, easy-to-follow steps to ensure your child is learning healthy sleep habits.


Room Assessment We will assess the room for light, sound, temperature, room set-up, crib/bed placement, and discuss recommendations to optimise the sleeping environment.


Two Weeks of Follow Up Support Ensure things are going smoothly.


Four 15 min Follow-Up Calls To discuss how things are going, address any setbacks, and further refine the plan to fit your child’s responses and your lifestyle.


Unlimited Email Support A two week period of unlimited email support to ensure all your questions get answered. (We will answer questions as soon as possible)


Sleep Tracking We will use a shared sleep log so we can see trends in sleep patterns and accurately troubleshoot.


Brave Little Baby Sleep Tool Kit Packed full of information to help you deal with common sleep roadblocks including growth spurts, developmental milestones, illness, travel, teething, regressions, nap transitions, and more. Referencing these materials will ensure that you stay successful (and rested!) after our time together is done.

Need support with more than one child? Enquire about our multi-child discount.