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Creating healthy sleep habits from the start

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Newborns are not neurologically ready yet to be able to self-settle. In this course we are working on creating healthy sleep habits that will benefit them forever. We will be teaching you how to gently transition from motion to motion-less sleep. There are no periods of leaving them to cry.

Every baby is unique and develops at different rates. This course constitutes as a general guideline and following your baby’s cues stays top priority during this time. Some of the results you can expect:

  • Feeling empowered. By knowing what to expect during the newborn phase. Cutting through the noise and giving you a step by step plan to reach your goals
  • Less fussy periods. By learning to read your baby’s signs you will prevent overtiredness and learn how to easily calm baby.
  • Sleep bliss! By using our methods you can enjoy ALL of the cuddles, support your baby to sleep and have a great sleeper by 4 months.
  • Finding a rhythm with your baby by falling into a flexible routine.
  • Feel confident by having a toolkit of information for the first 4 months. With additional info about going back to work, siblings and room sharing, twins and premature babies.

Yes! This is an amazing way to start preparing for your baby’s arrival. You have access to the course for 6 months.

For now the course works well for 0-3 months babies. But check back soon. We’ll be adding a section especially for our 3-4 month old babies!

Yes! During the course we will have a live Q&A session every second week where you can talk to someone.Β 

We also have support options as an add on if you need 1:1 help.

Both! All babies are welcome! Whenever you feel you need support with breastfeeding, please do make sure to check in with a lactation consultant.

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