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Weaning from the Dummy/Pacifier

If you are ready to wean your baby from the dummy, how do you attempt it?

Try taking the dummy away when everyone is healthy, and no BIG life changes are happening. Everyone needs to be onboard, dad, granny, nanny etc. If it feels overwhelming to take the dummy away completely then make sure to take it away only for sleep. Keep it for those car rides and upset moments during the day. 

There are 3 ways you can commit to making this change:

  1. Sleep training/coaching is a quick and great way to wean them from the dummy
  2. Gradually fading the dummy is a slower process
  3. Cold Turkey

Note: Before attempting any sleep training, make sure your little one is healthy, fed and all needs are taken care of

1. Sleep training/coaching

Use a sleep training/coaching method suited to your baby’s temperament and your parenting style. If you are attempting this on your own, make sure you are well educated on the method you are going to use and that you are ready for the change. 

We LOVE supporting moms with finding the best fit and helping through the change. Brave Little Baby has 2 qualified sleep consultants Lindi and Zanda and we have done all the research for you. We work together in finding a solution that gets to our sleep goal. We even combine methods where necessary. Book us here for a 15 minute free call

Methods you could look at

  • Pick Up Put down/Shush pat (Tracy Hogg)
  • Gradual Fading/ Gradual Withdrawal/Chair in the room(Sleep Lady Shuffle)
  • Spaced Soothing/Leave and check/Controlled Crying (Ferber method)

2. Gradually Fading the dummy

This method can be used from 3 months onwards. During the day use it less and less and comfort your baby in other ways, so when you attempt the nights it is not something new to them. Remove the temptation, if they do not see it, they might not think of it. Take some time to give it to them if they ask for it, they might get distracted and move on. You may even replace it with a lovey or a blanket.

Start off with taking the dummy out of their mouths just as they fall asleep. This may upset them, so allow them to fuss a little and replace it. Keep practicing this technique more and more until baby is ok with it. Then start to remove it when drowsy and try to calm baby with patting and shushing. If your baby cries, pick them up and calm them in your arms, replace dummy if he needs it to calm down , take it out again when drowsy until baby falls asleep without it. 

You can expect fussiness and some crying as you are presenting change. Once baby is ok with this, take it away and support baby with shushing, patting, a firm hand and picking up to calm if needed . Placing baby down again without the dummy. Keep doing this step until baby is asleep. This is a hands on and supportive method that requires lots of patience. This method can be frustrating and babies could cry more than we expected. It can be very difficult to be consistent.

3. Cold Turkey

Take the dummy away completely and do not offer it again. Support any tears or fussing with hands on settling as baby accepts the change. This method has less confusion and baby accepts this change really quickly, sometimes night 3 or 4. Keep the uninterrupted nights in the back of your mind

Note: Once a decision is made, be consistent, if removing the dummy completely, please do not allow baby to fuss or cry for a period of time only to give him the dummy. That is very unfair. Once your boundary is in place, stick to it and you will see results.

We believe that you should follow your heart and make a decision that will benefit your family.

We are here to support you no matter what you decide.

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