3 to 2 nap transition

When is my baby ready to drop their 3rd nap!?

Around the 7 month mark babies are ready to move over to 2 naps a day!

Just as you think you’ve got a good thing going with your baby’s routine; 3 naps, snacks, bed time, things need to change again!

It's as if the quote: "The only constant is change" was written by babies..

But first. Stop and observe.

Before doing the 3 to 2 nap transition, be on the lookout for the following signs that baby is ready for this transition:

  • They are around 6-8 months old
  • Suddenly protesting bedtime
  • Early morning wakings (especially when still doing 3 naps)
  • Protesting naps (especially third nap)
  • Shorter naps
  • Baby is able to stay awake longer than before

They may be quite grumpy and fussy for a few days and even weeks, but this is completely normal behaviour and all a part of the transition!

Too soon??

We really don’t want to be dropping this nap too soon.

If your little one still needs 3 naps especially around 6,7 months, and you are guiding them to two, he/she might get stuck in an overtired cycle when they only have two short naps a day, which in turn leads to early morning wake-ups.

When your little one is still tired at the first nap (9AM/9:30AM) they might still need 3 naps a day.

TIP: The morning nap can be trimmed to be more accommodating towards the afternoon nap, meaning if its an hour it can also be 30 min. 

For an 8 month old we drop the third nap as this is age appropriate.