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Group Sleep Coaching

Let’s help you create sustainable sleep associations, healthy boundaries around sleep and an ideal sleep environment. All while tapping into your intuition and feeling empowered.

Our group coaching is a judgment-free-zone, and a fun and sociable way to help you find a sleep balance again. By going through the same ups and downs you’ll never feel alone.

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Group sleep coaching:

Brave Little Baby Group Sleep

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The Basics

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You get all this...


Resource Library

You have unlimited access to the knowledge, which you can read and reapply as needed, or use to brainstorm sleep issues as they arise.



Take our quiz to find out more about your child’s temperament. We’ll also explain what they represent and how we use it during the coaching.


Topics we cover

Ideal sleep environment, feeding and sleeping routines, nap struggles, night wakings and help with sleep associations.



A Whatsapp group where you can ask all of your burning questions and get support from other mothers.


Step by step plan

2 live Zoom sessions in which we discuss all of the content and give you a day-by-day plan to get your baby sleeping successfully after 2 weeks.


Q&A sessions

3 x 30 min catchup sessions for your Q&A’s. All Catchups and live sessions are recorded for families not able to attend.


Sleep Support

2 week support from Zanda and Lindi during the coaching process with daily sleep and feeding logs on google docs and access to our expertise.



Do this in the comfort of your own home (or office!) Wearing whatever you like, breastfeeding welcome and strong coffee recommended.

with support

You can look forward to:

what clients are saying…

Zanda and Lindi are absolute life savers. The support, guidance and knowledge offered and gained from this has unlimited value. This is highly recommended for every family struggling with sleep. Attachment and your parenting style remains respected and preserved throughout this program. Help is really just a click away.
Zanda and Lindi are an exceptional resource and support! We saw a huge change in the first night of applying the training and our baby slept through the night within 3 days. The best part about this course is the support you receive for 2 weeks after - this is a game changer, as it allows you to have access to their advice if things aren't working or if you have any questions.
I tried doing my own research. I tried implementing sleep training tips from multiple sleep training resources. Nothing worked, until I found Brave Little Baby. I joined their group sleep coaching course, which gave us the tools and professional support that we needed to teach our 10 month old daughter how to sleep well. It has been life-changing.


    We take on a new group of maximum 8 moms roughly each month.

    Make sure to check out the dates on the product page before you buy.

    They are generally on a Tuesday and a Wednesday from 10:00-11:00am.

    *All sessions are done via zoom and recorded.

    Brave Little Baby takes a respectful approach by helping moms ignite their intuition to find their one of a kind plan when it comes to changing sleep struggles. With care and support through the entire process. 

    We are flexible in our methods, observant of children’s temperaments and parenting styles,  

    You’ll come out of this process feeling empowered and confident with setting boundaries and OK with seeing them through. There is security in knowing that mom can handle my big emotions.


    Breastfeeding is nourishment.  You do not need to stop breastfeeding at any time during the coaching.

    We’ll make sure your baby has a good calorie spread over the day. When babies are ready we work at lessening night feeds.

    Feeding to sleep (falling asleep while drinking) is a lovely way to get your baby asleep, but sometimes it gets hard, we get sick, our situation changes and we need to find another way of doing things. 

    If this is the case, we will help you with our chosen methods to lessen the dependency on feeding to sleep and help your baby to fall asleep using sustainable associations.


    We believe fed is best.

    We work with what works for you and what you decide.  We’ll help you to gradually wean your little one from breastfeeding, and you get to decide at which pace.

    We will never recommend CIO as a method during group sleep coaching. We use two responsive methods and based on your baby’s temperament we choose the best method together.

    If we see during the coaching that the plan is not working, we sit with you and brainstorm other solutions.

    We believe that by being a responsive parent your attachment with your child is already secure and no loving boundary will harm that connection. 

    If you refer to: twins, sensory issues, sensitive children, medical issues, then No. We would recommend doing a 1:1 coaching package instead. 

    If you have a specific routine request we also suggest doing a 1:1 coaching package.

    If you refer to: temperament and parenting styles we always take this into consideration no matter which coaching package you buy.



    It is definitely possible to apply while you work. We suggest starting over a weekend so you are with your baby for the first two days, thereafter your caretaker or daycare can carry on and you apply the nights.


    Yes, the recordings made available afterwards can be watched more than once and your partner or caregiver are also welcome to watch it! We just ask that you do not share it with friends because it remains our intellectual property.

    Change will almost always bring with it tears, but when we respond to the tears in a warm and loving way, giving them the space to feel all feelings are ok, we teach them even more than just healthy sleep, we build a connection. Children feel safe when we are confident in our approach and the boundaries we have laid down for them.

    Both our methods do involve some crying because whenever we implement change and loving boundaries our babies will almost always react to this change with emotions (crying). We do however always recommend loving responses and support to the crying.

    Lindi and Zanda

    we’re your qualified sleep coaches,

    Lindi & Zanda

    And we (and our kids) freaking love sleep, so we want it for YOU as well!

    We’ve all felt completely overwhelmed and anxious as a result of short naps, bedtime battles, late nights, early mornings, multiple night wakings, and returning to work. We felt as if we had nothing left to give.

    That’s when our dream for Brave Little Baby came true; in between raising our own kids, countless cups of tea (Zanda), and litres of sparkling water (Lindi), we created it as a safe space for moms to find the sleep assistance they need.

    We promise to always take into account your individual situation, your child’s temperament, your parenting style, and preferences, and to use this info to empower you to help your child thrive!

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