2-1 Nap transition

Around the 15-18 month mark babies are ready to move over to 1 nap!

The world is an exiting place for toddlers this age, and they are able to stay awake for much longer than they were before! Especially if your toddler has older siblings, this transition might happen sooner than you think!

But first. Stop and observe…Before transitioning your little one over to 1 nap, be on the lookout for the following signs, showing that he/she is ready for this transition:

  • They are around 15-18 months old
  • Suddenly protesting bedtime
  • Early morning wakings (especially when still doing 2 naps) Protesting naps (especially second nap)
  • Shorter naps (especially the last nap 20-25 min)
  • Baby is able to stay awake longer than before

They may be quite grumpy and fussy for a few days and even weeks, but this is completely normal behaviour and all part of the transition!

We really don’t want you doing the nap transition too soon…

If your little one still needs 2 naps, and you are guiding them to one, they might get stuck in an overtired cycle when they only have one short nap a day, which in turn leads to early morning wake- ups.

When your little one is still tired at his morning nap time (9AM/9:30AM) it’s possible baby still need 2 naps a day, but the morning nap can be trimmed to be more accommodating towards the afternoon nap.

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