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Available Sleep Training Methods

Exploring Techniques to create Healthy Sleep Habits!

A variety of methods and techniques, not only Cry-it-out, are employed in sleep training to assist babies and young children in learning to sleep independently.

As a result, healthy sleep habits can be developed by the babies.

Some crucial building blocks of sleep training includes setting a nighttime routine, providing a sleep-friendly atmosphere, and teaching children to fall asleep independently.

Let’s dive into what methods are available and which one would be a good for for you.

1. Available sleep training methods:

"Sleep training strategies can include variations of Cry it out(Weissbluth), Controlled Crying(Ferber method), Gradual Withdrawal(Lady Shuffle/Chair method), or Fading methods(Pick up Put Down Tracy Hogg), Gentle Sleep Training and Baby Led Sleep, depending on the approach chosen by parents or caregivers."

Sleep consultants often have their unique variations of these methods based on their experiences and success.

Prior to selecting a consultant or coach, it is crucial to research and ensure their philosophy aligns with your values and objectives.


2. Various methods explained:

Controlled crying(Spaced Soothing)Also known as the Ferber method, involves gradually increasing the amount of time parents wait before comforting, reassuring their baby when they cry during sleep training.
Gradual withdrawalInvolves parents slowly reducing their presence and slowly working towards independent sleep while the parents are there to comfort any tears or emotions. This can be achieved by initially comforting the baby until drowsy and then gradually decreasing the amount of time spent with the baby until they can fall asleep on their own and slowly moving you out of the room.
Brave Little Baby offers customized versions of these methods that we believe are effective and comfortable for our families. We will discuss these methods in our personalized 1:1 programs.
Fading techniques and Baby Led SleepInvolves gradually reducing sleep associations or interventions that help the baby fall asleep, such as rocking or nursing. The idea is to gradually decrease these sleep associations until the baby can fall asleep without them. This is what our Online Course The Gentle Sleep Way is based on. Including flexible routines and finding your rhythm with your baby in your own pace and capacity.
Cry it outIs also known as the extinction method(CIO) and it involves allowing a baby to cry without providing any comfort or intervention until they fall asleep. Parents resist the urge to intervene or console the baby’s cries, allowing them to learn to fall asleep independently.

The cry it out method, though it may work for some babies with a specific temperament, can be unsuccessful and even detrimental if not executed properly or without considering various factors. It’s important to acknowledge that many parents have attempted this method out of desperation, only to experience negative outcomes and overwhelming feelings of guilt.

Do not try this without professional guidance.Β 

The cry it out method is an option that can be cautiously considered as a last resort when other strategies have been exhausted. It should be approached with careful assessment to ensure it is the best choice for the family.Β 

However, it is important to clarify that this method is not implemented in the traditional sense of leaving a baby to cry for prolonged periods without any parental support.

Instead, it involves providing some space for the baby to settle while closely monitoring their response.Β If the baby does not settle or shows signs of distress, the parents will intervene, take a break, and try again later. The focus is on finding a balance that supports both the baby’s needs and the parents’ well-being.
If you are working with someone and they are not considering all these aspects. 
Stop and find someone who does.

3. Seeking support:

Even superheroes need a sidekick or a Brave Bestie! 

As you can see, there are so many things at play! It should be evident that you need a Brave Little Baby sleep coach on your side.

Once you decide to sleep train, having support is the best and safest way to start this process.

Different families may choose different approaches based on their parenting style and the needs of their child.

4. How we can help you:

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